spontaneous naked dance party, you say?

the more glitter, the better.

we don't need the key- we'll just break in
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i often do and or say inappropriate things and then feel little to no remorse. i always write in present tense. i don't believe in posting WIPs (--often they never get finished). dirty, sexy manloving makes me happy. i have no shame. marriage/ring!fic is my bulletproof kink. outed!fic is a close second. i am notoriously commitment-phobic, which is probably why i never write anything with sappy characters declaring their undying love for one another. sometimes i rhyme slow, sometimes i rhyme quick (bonus points if you know what that's from). almost all of my titles are stolen from 'the west wing' or 'alice's adventures in wonderland.' sometimes i completely misuse commas. from time to time i put too much faith in the magical powers of a new shirt.

also, it's pretty much fact that i find you awesome (unless you fuck with my cupcakes and/or sugar cookies- then there will be hell to pay.)

Toby: Faith?
C.J.: The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

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